SAS/SATA/SSD Storage Module


The SANBlaze SB-AMC68 is an AdvancedMC module that accommodates one enterprise class SAS, SATA or SSD disk drive, routed to AMC.3 signal positions.  The SB-AMC68 was developed as a single-width AMC, with ship options for mid or full height panels.    

This highly flexible AMC card can physically accommodate any height 2.5” disk drive, including thicker SAS disks.   

The SB-AMC68 includes a bank of DIP switches to set the modules operating characteristics.  These switches establish the units operating modes for SATA vs. SAS and active port selection.  SATA disks can be made to drive either AMC port-2 or port-3.  SAS disk include the additional ability to appear on both ports if desired.   

The module is AMC.0 rev 2.0 compliant and uses the serial storage signaling defined in AMC.3.  Its front panel includes several LED status indicators and an ejector latch.  The module also incorporates an MMC to monitor and report temperature and voltage statistics.   

All hard drives are 2.5” small form factor. Disk capacities up to 1TB are currently available.  Please contact your SANBlaze sales representative for a list of qualified drive choices. 


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