SAS Controller, Plus Integrated Disk

PCIe to SAS Disk Drive Module  

The SANBlaze SB-AMC51 is an AdvancedMC module featuring a PCI-express to SAS controller, one 2.5” SAS disk, and MMC support logic.  Consuming only one AMC slot, the highly integrated combination provides embedded systems designers the ability to add an Enterprise SAS Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to a systems which do not have native SAS connectivity. The SB-AMC51 is offered as a single-width AMC, with ship options for mid or full height panels with or without front panel IB-SAS connector.  

The SB-AMC51 may be field configured to support a single disk (default) or multiple disks by optionally driving AMC ports 2 and 3.   This later option allows the modules RAID controller to apply RAID0 (stripping) or RAID1 (mirroring) algorithms with up to 3 SAS hard disks.  Configuration tools are available for pre-boot (BIOS) or OS setup tools that include Windows, Linux and Solaris environments. 

The modules innovative construction with a mechanical cut-out area accommodates a SAS disk drive and front panel options for full or mid height (MH) Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC).  The module is AMC.0 rev 2.0 compliant and uses the serial storage signaling defined in AMC.3.   LED indicators on the front panel provide visual status for hot swap, out-of-service (OOS) and disk I/O activity.  

The SB-AMC51 features an enterprise class, 10K RPM SAS disk for superior random I/O performance, vs. slower spinning disk alternatives.  SAS is considered the most robust solution for telecommunication applications that require the highest workload profiles in a 24x7 duty cycle environment.   


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