SATA (3G)Drive Module - Mid or Full Size

SATA/SAS Disk Drive Module  

The SB-AMCHD module is an AMC drive carrier module for AdvancedTCA or MicroTCA systems.  The module can be configured with one 2.5 inch SATA hard drive.  

Available front panel options include compact, full or mid height Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC).  It incorporates an MMC to monitor and report temperature and voltage statistics. The module is AMC.0 rev 2.0 compliant and uses the serial storage signaling defined in AMC.3. 

The SB-AMCHD is offered with several drive technology choices.Users may choose low cost  standard 2.5” SATA disks, ideal for application that require high storage capacity but modest I/O workloads.More expensive choices include extended duty SATA, or enterprise SATA disks.These disks are more appropriate for I/O intensive applications.SSD (solid-state-disk) options are also available, featuring wither MLC or eMLC  flash technology. SSD provide unsurpassed random I/O performance. 

Disk technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, with bigger and faster disks being introduced each year.  Your SANBlaze Sales representative is available to help you navigate the choices, so you select the best disk for your budget and application.  

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