Dual 10Gb Ethernet Controller

2 Ports: 10 Gb Ethernet  

The SANBlaze SB-AMC58 is a full or mid-height AMC module that features two (2) 10GbE ports. 

Each port provides a fully independent Ethernet connection, with independent IP credentials; both ports can simultaneously achieve line-rate operation.  Each port can link at 10 Gb/s accommodating one SFP+ optical module. 

Featuring an Intel 82599ES 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller, the  SB-AMC58 boasts numerous performance acceleration features that include 128 transmit and 32 receive queues. TCP/UDP/IP checksum offloading and TCP segmentation assist.   

For server virtualization environments, the controller offers up to 64 virtual machines (VMs), 128 MAC addresses and L2 VLAN filters.  VMDc (Virtual Machine Direct connect) capability allows bandwidth from a single port to be allocated to specific VM’s. SR-IOV allows partitioning of PCI function into many VM’s.  

The module also conforms to the PCI-express signaling defined in AMC.1.  Rev 2.  It includes an MMC to manage hot-swap control, monitor numerous on board voltage and temperature sensors, and is fully remotely manageable via IPMI v1.5x protocol. 

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