SAS Controller, 8 Port

  8 Port External SAS controller 

 The SANBlaze SB-AMC50 is a mid height AMC module that features an integrated SAS controller and IB-SAS front panel connectors to access a wide variety of external storage devices.This module includes eight 3Gb/s serial ports that are compatible with both high performance SAS disks and high capacity SATA drives; this allows the user to choose the best fit disk technology to meet budget and performance goals. 

  The SANBlaze SB-AMC50 also offers multi-volume RAID0(stripping) and RAID1 (mirroring) capability with global hot spares for quick rebuilds.The OS independent RAID algorithms run in firmware installed on the card, reducing the burden on CPU resources and leaves more CPU cycles for the application. LUN definition and configurationmay be accomplished using built-in pre-boot BIOS tools, orwith CLI and GUI tools available for several popular operating systems including windows and Linux. 

  The AMC front panel is available with mid height (MH) or full height (FH) and is AMC.0 rev 2.0 compliant.The module uses enterprise class IB-SAS connectors with locking jack screws.The module also conforms to the PCI-express signaling defined in AMC.1. 

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