TI DSP (digital signal processing) media resource module

ATCA has become the industry standard form factor for carrier grade infrastructure. As the designers architect the next generation network elements such as Media Gateways and Radio Network Controllers, they seek latest and greatest technologies to address the processing density and scalability needed for the future requirements.

The ATCA-9100-TI is an ATCA media processing blade that provides the highest density of media processing through the use of latest multi-core DSP silicon from Texas Instruments (TNETV3020). It incorporates a powerful architecture to enable media processing for thousands of channels, yet offers flexibility in its design through modularity to provide smooth migration to future DSPs. Its AdvancedTCA form factor makes it appropriate for use in Carrier Grade network elements such as Media Gateways and high density Media Servers in Wireless, Broadband and IPTV applications. The AdvancedTCA module is available fully integrated into the award winning Radisys SYS-6010 and SYS-6014/16 10 Gigabit Application Ready Platform to enable faster time to market for TEMs to develop their next generation network elements.

The ATCA-9100-TI is a single slot ATCA Media Resource Module/Blade compliant with PICMG 3.1 Option 9 interface specification. It is based on a modular design for the DSP farms, and uses two purpose-built mezzanine cards to house up to ten 6-core TI TNETV302. Each multi-core DSP device is capable of processing hundreds of voice or video codec channels. The media resource module includes 10GE fabric capability (PICMG 3.1 Option 9) thus enabling high bandwidth connectivity to the DSPs for processing multi-media channels requiring direct high bandwidth connections to DSP. The ATCA-9100-TI also incorporates Serial RapidIO (sRIO) connectivity to each DSP device, supporting management and debug of DSP code. The sRIO path enables loading code into DSP memory, DSP access to the application flash, and communication between the DSPs and the Local Management Processor (LMP).

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