Dual Intel Xeon “Sandy Bridge” ATCA Compute

The ATCA-4616 is a 9th generation single board compute module from Radisys. It is a high performance, single slot ATCA blade based on either the dual socket E5-2448L Intel Xeon processor or the E5-2428L Intel Xeon processor.

ATCA-4616 Sandy Bridge ATCA compute module is ideal for control plane and server functions for LTE wireless infrastructure, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), IPTV, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), and defense applications. The ATCA-4616 provides 40-Gigabit fabric connectivity, 12 DDR3 DIMM sockets, a mezzanine slot, and several optional RTM offerings with additional storage and network interface choices.

High Performance / Low Cost

The dual six-core E5-2428L processor provides higher performance at a lower cost per cycle than the previous generation of single quad-core L5518 processor ATCA modules. Support for Hyper-threading in this dual processor SMP design allows the 12 cores to process up to 24 threads simultaneously, so to the OS the processor appears as 24 separate cores.

The ATCA-4616 Sandy Bridge ATCA compute module integrated memory controller significant reduces memory latency. Support for 12 DDR3 VLP RDIMMs allows memory density of up to 96GB, while providing a cost-effective solution for applications that have lower density memory requirements.

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