Type 6 Ultra Lite Carrier Board


Connect Tech’s COM Express® Type 6 Ultra Lite Carrier Board is a compact carrier board which matches the dimensions of a COM Express Basic module. 
COM Express® Type 6 Ultra Lite Carrier Board is ideal for space constrained applications, and supports extended temperature ranges of -40°C to +85°C.

COM Express® Type 6 Ultra Lite Carrier Board Features

  • COM Express® Type 6 Compatibility

  • Mini-PCIe Expansion

  • Supports most current processors including 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7

  • Extended Temperature Range

Custom Design Solutions - COM Express® Type 6 Carrier Boards

At Connect Tech, we recognize the unique requirements of every application. We are dedicated to delivering the right solution to accommodate customer requirements, new industry standards, and engineering design enhancements.

Connect Tech's team of highly skilled engineers are dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced. They offer several years of experience in custom designs and will work with you to implement a solution that will meet your needs. Our custom design services can be applied at any stage of a project, and our experience ensures that we can deliver a cost-effective, custom solution within a narrow timeline. You can count on us for product quality, expert advice and services that will enhance your business value.

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