CM-iGLX Computer-On-Module


The CM-iGLX packs up-to-date 2006 technologies into the most compact, lightweight PC-on-module available in the market. Its on-board resources suffice to smoothly run operating systems such as Linux and Windows XP / CE, while it is just as small as a credit card and can run on a battery. These, in addition to the module's low cost, make it an ideal building block for any embedded application.

The feature set of the CM-iGLX combines a 32-bit X86-compatible CPU, DDR, Flash Disk and vital computing peripherals. For embedded applications, the CM-iGLX provides a 32-bit PCI bus, 100Mbit Ethernet, serial ports, general purpose I/O lines and many other essential functions. The user interface is supported by an enhanced graphics controller, touchscreen, USB interface for keyboard / mouse and Audio system. An integrated WLAN (WiFi) interface implements 802.11g industry standard wireless connectivity.

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